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Yes, Anti-Zionism Is the Same as Anti-Semitism – David Harsanyi (The Federalist via Daily Alert)

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Jan. 10, 2019

Yes, Anti-Zionism Is the Same as Anti-Semitism – David Harsanyi (The Federalist)
  • In a recent New York Times op-ed titled “Anti-Zionism isn’t the same as Anti-Semitism,” columnist Michelle Goldberg defended Ilhan Omar, a newly elected House representative who has claimed that Jews have hypnotized the world for their evil works.
  • Anti-Zionism is the most significant and consequential form of anti-Semitism that exists in the world today. Anti-Zionism has done more to undermine Jewish safety than all the ugly tweets, dog whistles, and white nationalist marches combined.
  • It is the predominant justification for violence, murder, and hatred against Jews in Europe and the Middle East. And it’s now infiltrating American politics.
  • Merely being critical of the Israeli government isn’t anti-Semitic. No serious person has ever argued otherwise. Israelis criticize their government every day.
  • However, opposing “Zionism” itself – the movement for a Jewish homeland – is to deny the validity of a Jewish claim to a nation altogether. It puts you in league with Hamas and Hizbullah and the mullahs of Iran. To argue against Jews’ nationalism – to argue against the ability of Jews to defend themselves in their own state – is substantively anti-Jewish.
  • It’s true that Israel is an “ethno-nationalist” state – like every nation in Europe and the Middle East – and primarily concerned with protecting Jews. This is an especially important job because the rest of the world has repeatedly and dramatically failed at the task.
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