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World Still Refusing to Get Real on Iran – David Horovitz (TOI via Daily Alert)

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May 3, 2018

World Still Refusing to Get Real on Iran – David Horovitz

Netanyahu did not seek to claim that Israel had attained smoking gun evidence that Iran has breached the terms of the P5+1’s 2015 agreement with the ayatollahs. The critics sneering at his ostensible failure to produce a post-2015 smoking gun are missing the point.

It is Israel’s assessment that the deal is so negligent, misconceived, and badly constructed that the Iranians have no need whatsoever to breach it. Why would they violate the terms of an agreement that entitles them to continue research and development of centrifuges to enrich uranium so that when the deal expires, they will have mastered an enrichment process 10 times faster? Why would they violate an agreement that does not prevent them from developing their ballistic missile program as the means of delivery for their anticipated nuclear devices?

And why would they violate an agreement whose “sunset clauses” mean they need merely wait a few years before resuming their march to the bomb? Israel’s contention is that this agreement, far from preventing Iran from attaining a nuclear weapons arsenal, paves Iran’s path to it. And the haul of Iran’s own documentation conclusively demonstrated that this is precisely what Iran intends to do.

The fact is that the 2015 deal let the duplicitous Iranians off the hook. It did not dismantle the weapons program they still lie about. It did not close their path to a nuclear weapons arsenal. (Times of Israel)

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