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World Shudders as Israel Builds Houses in Settlement Bloc

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World Shudders as Israel Builds Houses in Settlement Bloc – Richard A. Baehr
(dailyalert.org, Sept. 5, 2014)

Muslim extremists can massacre people in one country after another in the Middle East and Muslim world, but Israel taking land it already controls to build houses, pending any legal challenges, is the ultimate threat to the survival of the world. This “logic” depends on the badly mistaken notion that if only Israel would stop building houses, then peace would be achievable between Israel and the Palestinians, and all the myriad Muslim grievances in dozens of countries on every continent would miraculously disappear. Such is the obsession with what Jews do, but more to the point, the intensity of the hatred of Jews and the state they control.

The Oslo accords, signed by both Israel and the Palestinians, established a three-part demarcation of West Bank land, and the 988 acres Israel just declared as state land are entirely in Area C. This is an area in which Israel exercises full military and civilian control, and in which settlement activity was not in any way limited.

The 988 acres are in an area known as Gush Etzion where 70,000 Jews already live, in one of those blocs that everyone knows Israel will absorb in any final peace agreement. So what exactly is the problem if Israel builds houses in an area that all acknowledge will remain in Israel? How does that damage the peace process? (PJ Media)


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