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Withdrawal to the 1967 Lines Will Not Put an End to the “Occupation” (2 articles)

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Withdrawal to the 1967 Lines Will Not Put an End to the “Occupation” – Yoel Ben-Nun (Ynet News)

(Daily Alert)

    Many times I have asked decent and educated Palestinians, who have nothing to do with terror, when the “Israeli occupation” began.

    All, without exception, said in 1948. Therefore, even the 1967 lines will not put an end to the occupation. They see the entire State of Israel as “occupation.”

    In Arab and Palestinian culture, peace means justice. Compromise cannot be considered as peace since it means only a partial restoration of rights.

    Any agreement will be completely canceled if it becomes clear that the Palestinian terror against the “occupation of 1948” will continue. 
The Day After: If Israel Withdrew to the 1967 Lines, What Then? – Aryeh Tepper

The main grievance in the Arab-Muslim world is not that in 1967 Israel occupied the West Bank, but that in 1948 the Jews built a state upon “Palestinian” land. This narrative ignores inconvenient facts like the ancient Jewish connection to the Land of Israel, the Arab refusal to accept the UN partition plan, which the Israelis accepted, the war that the Arab states then initiated in 1948 in order to destroy the incipient Jewish state and throw the Jews into the sea, and the subsequent expulsion of nearly one million Jews from Arab countries.

     The governing perception in mainstream Arab-Muslim discourse is that the establishment of the State of Israel was a crime, and to accept the existence of the State of Israel is to acquiesce to that crime. Thus, the establishment of a Palestinian state within the 1967 lines would be characterized as a historic betrayal. And the U.S. would be blamed for pushing Palestinian leaders to betray the Palestinians’ right to return to their homes in present-day Israel.

 The writer is a visiting scholar at the Herzl Institute in Jerusalem. (Weekly Standard)

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