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Why Roger Waters is Guilty of Antisemitism – And What You Can Do About It (B’nai Brith)

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Sept. 15, 2017

In the midst of his latest North American tour, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters – a leader of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement – is being accused of a malicious and intensive campaign against Israel and the Jewish people.

B’nai Brith Canada, as well as two former Montrealers – Professor Charles Small, the founding Director and President of the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP), and New York Times best-selling author/filmmaker Ian Halperin – are leading the charge against Waters, whose Canadian tour begins Oct. 2 in Toronto and has stops in Quebec City, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver.

In a bid to counter BDS, which uses unethical tactics to demonize, delegitimize and isolate the State of Israel, B’nai Brith has partnered with Halperin and Small to present screenings of the former’s latest filmWish You Weren’t Here, which explores the role BDS and its supporters play in contemporary antisemitism. The screenings will take place on the same nights as Waters’ Canadian tour stops.

Wish You Weren’t Here includes interviews with the world’s leading experts on racism and antisemitism, including Small, Pope Francis, Natan Sharansky, Ronald Lauder, Alan Dershowitz, and B’nai Brith Canada CEO Michael Mostyn. According to Halperin, none of these experts minced words by calling out Waters and everyone else who supports BDS as antisemitic.

“Whether you abide by Sharansky’s ‘Three D’s Test’ on antisemitism or its definition as stated by the Ottawa Protocol on Combating Antisemitism or the European Union Monitoring Centre (EUMC), Waters is, without a shadow of a doubt, guilty,” Mostyn said.

Waters has a history of espousing antisemitic conspiracy theories, speaking about the “extraordinary” power of the “Jewish lobby,” making a mockery of Jewish symbols, and comparing Israeli treatment of Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews during the Holocaust.

While B’nai Brith encourages criticism of any government as a legitimate and productive means of ensuring a thriving democratic society and vigorous pluralistic debate, BDS activists seek to conflate legitimate criticism of Israel with its delegitimization in the international arena.

The tactics of utilizing double standards and strategies of demonization and delegitimization are all expressions of contemporary antisemitism

Through the Wish You Weren’t Here Canadian tour, B’nai Brith and Halperin hope to promote awareness of the fact that BDS is a bigoted movement, and that Waters – whether he believes it or not – is guilty of promoting antisemitism and of strengthening the campaign that seeks Israel’s elimination.

Offering the screenings on the same dates as Waters’ Canadian performances is an effort to offer a balanced perspective on the inflammatory rhetoric he espouses during his shows.

With the Wish You Weren’t Here tour, anyone, whether they’re Pink Floyd fans or not, can learn the extent of why BDS is a discriminatory and racist movement – and why Roger Waters should immediately cease engaging in antisemitism and instead support the human rights of both Palestinian civilians AND Israeli civilians in a way that is honest, objective, and productive.

Maybe then would he actually help in promoting a path to peace – rather than pushing the divide even further apart.

Please help us in promoting this event by sharing this email with your friends and relatives, so that more people are educated about Roger Waters’ hateful and bigoted agenda. Thank you!

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