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Why It Matters that Iran Lied – Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary via Daily Alert)

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Dec. 3, 2015

  • Why It Matters that Iran Lied – Jonathan S. Tobin
    The IAEA says there is no proof that Iran worked on creating a nuclear explosive device after 2009, although there is no longer the slightest doubt that Iran was working to create a nuclear weapon before 2009. In other words, the Iranian government lied. And it continued to lie throughout the negotiations with the Obama administration and Western allies. If Iran lied for so long, what makes us think the Islamist regime is willing or even capable of telling the truth and abiding by the terms of the pact they’ve signed?
    What happens now is that the deal will go forward, and Iran will get everything it wants including the end of sanctions and vast sums of money that can be spent on aiding its terrorist allies preparing for war against Israel or destabilizing moderate Arab regimes. But it will never have to admit that it lied about its nuclear program or even give the UN or the U.S. information about how much progress it made toward weaponizing its program. The lack of conclusive information about “possible military dimensions” also means that Western estimates about Iranian “breakout” time to a nuclear weapon are mere guesses, not reliable calculation.
    It now appears that the IAEA hasn’t the will or the desire to press for truths that might illustrate just how fraudulent Iranian assurances about military research are. That makes it clear that any Iranian cheating will be treated as a minor detail. We now know that the deal isn’t likely to be enforced. Unfortunately, so do the Iranians. (Commentary)
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