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Why Israel Has an Absolute Right to Defend Its People

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  • Why Israel Has an Absolute Right to Defend Its People – Leo McKinstry
    (dailyalert.org, Aug. 29, 2014)
  • In the twisted narrative of the anti-Israel brigade, the Hamas rulers of Gaza are battling for their oppressed people against a brutal, racist military regime. But this is a complete moral inversion of reality. In truth, Israel is a bulwark of democracy forced by the lethal forces of anti-Semitic Islamism to fight for survival.
  • Far from representing liberation and progress, as many progressives absurdly claim, Hamas is a brutal organization that aims to impose totalitarian Islamic rule. Along with other jihadist outfits like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Boko Haram in Nigeria, or the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, it forms part of a monstrous theocratic death cult that wants to destroy our civilization. Genocidal aggression towards the non-believer is a key element of this cult.
  • Visceral loathing for the Jewish state is the central impetus behind Hamas, reflected in its relentless barrage of indiscriminate rocket attacks against civilian targets in Israel. But it is Hamas, in all its Islamist addiction to persecution, violence, misogyny and racial hatred, that should be the real pariah. (Express-UK)


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