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Why are U.S. officials trash-talking Netanyahu?

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Why are U.S. officials trash-talking Netanyahu?

By Daniel W. Drezner, washingtonpost.com, via honestreporting.com, Oct. 29, 2014

“The one thing this kind of trash-talking does is send a signal to Iran about the U.S. commitment to a nuclear deal. Bear in mind that in recent weeks the administration has made it cleat that it won’t be going to Congress to get approval for the permanent lifting of any Iran sanctions. But this raises the question for both Iranian negotiators and Iranian hardliners of just how much they can trust their American interlocutors to implement such a deal. Furthermore, Netanyahu’s persistent and bellicose rhetoric towards Tehran would also have to be a source of concern for the Iranians. If they cut a nuclear deal, they want it to be implemented and they want the shadow of military action lifted.

Calling out Netanyahu serves both functions for the Obama administration. The way one signals credibility in a world of uncertainty is to take a costly action. Since congressional approval is now off the table, dissing America’s closest ally in the region serves as an imperfect substitute. It’s costly, so it sends a signal of serious intent.”

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