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Who Will Protest the Occupation of Balochistan?

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Who Will Protest the Occupation of Balochistan? – Nia Bugt

(Daily Alert)

In Balochistan, thousands of indigenous people have been tortured, brutalized, slaughtered, ethnically cleansed and exploited for over 60 years by Pakistan, that occupies the eastern part of the region, and Iran, that occupies the Western half. The Baloch never willingly accepted being a part of Pakistan or Iran. Their culture, customs, language, and traditions are totally different. The Baloch form 55-60% of Iran’s crane-hanging victims.
    Balochistan was an independent nation for over two thousand years, until the British invasion in 1839. In Iran, the dissemination of Baloch culture and language is a declared act of treason, and Baloch are not allowed to give their children Balochi names. There are no magazines, newspapers or any other media in Balochi. Similar legislation exists in Pakistan.
    Is there a reason why all Muslim and Arab nations have a strange obsession with Israel and the Jews, but are totally apathetic about their fellow Muslims being butchered in Balochistan? (Times of Israel) 
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