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What Iran just said threatened about the nuke deal PROVES Obama’s true intentions, Allen West

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from Allen West’s website, Nov. 27, 2015

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “A top Iranian official warned Thursday that Iran would stop its efforts to comply with the Iran nuclear agreement unless international inspectors stop their investigation into Iran’s past work on its nuclear program. Under the deal, inspectors were instructed to examine the “possible military dimensions” of Iran’s nuclear program, or PMDs.

International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano is expected to release a new report on Iran’s nuclear program on Dec. 1. Iran’s deputy foreign minister, Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, warned that if the Dec. 1 report doesn’t close the file on PMDs, Iran will walk away. “In case Yukiya Amano or the Board of Governors presents their report in such a way that it does not meet the stipulated commitments, the Islamic Republic of Iran will also stop [the implementation of] the JCPOA,” he said, according to PressTV, Iran’s state-owned news service.”

We’d previously shared here the vote held in the Iranian parliament agreeing they’d amend the JCPOA to their desires and vote upon the agreement. At least they did vote on it — President Obama and 42 Senate Democrats blocked the JCPOA from even being voted on in our Senate.

We’ve also shared the many violations by the Iranians of the JCPOA, such as the recent ballistic missile tests and video evidence of the underground missile bases. And yet, our Obama administration will not back away from the JCPOA and determine that it is not in the best interests of the United States.

We have the Iranian Quds Force conducting combat operations in Syria — that entity is a listed terrorist organization. But of course, our best and strongest rebuke to ISIS and Iran will be to participate in a conference on climate change.

What will it take for President Obama to realize that each day he’s becoming more and more of a caricature and laughing stock on the global stage? Iran’s militant Islamist leadership realizes they hold the high ground and Obama is an intransigent ideologue who sticks to his own defined reality based on his political agenda.

Therefore, the Iranians know Obama has firmly declared he will go down as having entered into an agreement with Iran, something no other president has been able to achieve. The Iranians continue to show why this is a foolish endeavor. The Iranians are saying if the IAEA advances and persists in investigating the military aspects of their nuclear program — the deal is off.

So, here is the key question: what about the snapback sanctions? And remember, these sanctions require a committee upon which Iran sits. Shall we cancel the release of the $150 billion in frozen assets to Iran?

Or is this, just as with Obama’s ISIS strategy, all working according to plan and nothing will be changed?

“Iran’s new threat could be a significant problem for the implementation of the deal. On the same day Araqchi spoke, Amano delivered remarks in Vienna in which he said it’s still not clear how much undeclared nuclear material might exist in Iran. “But we are not in a position to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran, and therefore to conclude that all nuclear material in Iran is in peaceful activities,” he added. Amano has made similar remarks all year, and it’s a strong sign that Iran has yet to fully cooperate with inspectors under the Iran nuclear agreement.”

So the message here is again evidence that Obama and Kerry lied to us, the American people. We have no idea what Iran possesses and Iran is threatening international inspectors who attempt to ascertain what is truth. And remember, as we also shared, the Iranians refused to allow any Americans to be a part of this inspection team.

Weakness is very enticing and it has an aroma that only emboldens those who are your adversaries. And we still have some fourteen months before this era of appeasement and abject negligence ends. This cannot be perceived as being incompetence — it is purely intentional, and dangerously delusional for our country, and the world.

(from: http://www.allenbwest.com/2015/11/what-iran-just-said-threatened-about-the-nuke-deal-proves-obamas-true-intentions/)

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