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Want to boycott Israel? Put your money where your mouth is, website says By Alina Dain Sharon (JNS)

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Mar. 3, 2016

When navigating to www.bdsguide.com, users are confronted with a clenched fist on a red banner against a crisp white background, and matter-of-fact wording about the browser through which they’re viewing the site. If they’re using an Apple product, they learn that their computer has been provided to them under the direction of CEO Tim Cook, who has met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a trip to Israel for the inauguration of one of the company’s offices in the Jewish state. A notice warns them to uninstall their Web browser. Is this a gimmick? Yes and no. It’s a new satirical and ironic approach to revealing the hypocrisy of the BDS movement, offering a genuine challenge to those who legitimately want to boycott Israel—which, considering the breadth of Israel’s innovation, is nearly an impossible feat. JNS.org interviews the founders of the new BDSguide.com platform, whose goal is to show that “if you’re going to boycott dates and hummus, you’re not really making a dent.”

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