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U.S. Sought to Prevent Israeli Strike on Iran Nuclear Facility – Adam Entous (WSJ via Daily alert)

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Oct. 23, 2015

  • U.S. Sought to Prevent Israeli Strike on Iran Nuclear Facility – Adam Entous
    The U.S. closely monitored Israel’s military bases and eavesdropped on secret communications in 2012, fearing its longtime ally might try to carry out a strike on Fordow, Iran’s most heavily fortified nuclear facility. U.S. spy agencies stepped up satellite surveillance of Israeli aircraft movements. They watched the Israelis practice strike missions and learned they were probing Iran’s air defenses, looking for ways to fly in undetected, U.S. officials said. The Israelis briefed the U.S. on an attack plan: Cargo planes would land in Iran with Israeli commandos on board who would “blow the doors” of Fordow, a senior U.S. official said. The Israelis planned to sabotage the nuclear facility from inside.
    Prime Minister Netanyahu reserves the right to continue covert action against Iran’s nuclear program, said current and former Israeli officials. One clause in the Iran nuclear agreement says the major powers will help the Iranians secure their facilities against sabotage. State Department officials said the clause wouldn’t protect Iranian nuclear sites from Israel. (Wall Street Journal)
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