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U.S. Military Aid to Israel Is an Investment in America’s Own Self-Defense – John Golan (J. Post via Daily Alert)

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July 14, 2016

U.S. Military Aid to Israel Is an Investment in America’s Own Self-Defense – John Golan (Jerusalem Post)

  • The U.S. does not provide aid to Israel out of charity. Rather, it is a strategic investment, closely tied to U.S. interests in the region: safeguarding the only reliable ally that the U.S. has in that corner of the world; deterring Israel’s neighbors from resorting to war; and doing so without requiring the direct intervention of U.S. troops, as has been necessary in virtually every other conflict zone in the world. The U.S. has received more than its money’s worth.
  • Of the $3.1 billion in annual military aid that Israel currently receives, 3/4 is spent in the U.S., while 1/4 is spent on procurement of goods and services in Israel, including the procurement of unique weaponry available nowhere else. Exercising this spending power locally is not only more cost-effective, due to lower Israeli labor rates, but also provides specialized weaponry that often goes on to benefit both Israel and the U.S.
  • For decades, Israeli arms developers have pioneered technologies that have provided the Israeli armed forces with unique capabilities. Combining Israeli innovation with production capabilities in the U.S. has benefited the defense industries of both nations.
  • Time and again, Israeli-developed weapons have stepped in to bridge gaps in the U.S. arsenal: from the “Popeye” air-to-ground missile, developed in Israel and manufactured in the U.S. by Lockheed-Martin for use by American armed services, to helmet-mounted sights and displays that were designed, developed and battle-tested in Israel before being transferred to the U.S. for production under a joint venture with the U.S. armed forces.
  • Procurement of services and technologies in Israel needs to remain part of the next 10-year security assistance package because it advances the technological capabilities of both nations. Shutting down America’s access to this innovation pipeline would be foolhardy.
  • For example, this summer the U.S. Army will be evaluating Israel’s battle-tested Trophy active defense system to protect armored vehicles against anti-tank missiles, after repeated attempts to develop a similar capability in the U.S. have failed.
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