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U.S. Considering Meeting Iran “Close to Half Way” in Nuclear Talks (2 articles)

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U.S. Considering Meeting Iran “Close to Half Way” in Nuclear Talks – George Jahn
(dailyalert.org, Sept. 29, 2014)

The U.S. is considering softening present demands that Iran gut its uranium enrichment program in favor of a new proposal that would allow Tehran to keep nearly half of the project intact while placing other constraints on its possible use as a path to nuclear weapons, diplomats said Thursday.

The U.S. wants no more than 1,500 centrifuges left operating. Iran insists it be allowed to run at least the present 9,400 machines. The tentative new U.S. offer envisages letting Iran keep 4,500 centrifuges but would reduce the stock of uranium gas fed into the machines to the point where it would take more than a year to create enough material for a nuclear warhead. (AP)


Tehran Holds Firm While the U.S. Keeps Making Nuclear Concessions – Editorial (Wall Street Journal)

Nuclear negotiations with Iran have gone nowhere after nearly a year. The Administration is now seeking ever more creative ways to give the mullahs what they want.

The latest Administration brainstorm is to abandon the longstanding demand that Iran dismantle its uranium-enriching centrifuges. Under one Western proposal, Iran would merely be asked to disconnect some of the pipes connecting one centrifuge to the next. Another idea is to allow Iran to keep as many as 4,500 centrifuges, provided Iran agrees to enrich uranium at a lower rate.

The larger problem is that these diplomatic gambits rest on the fanciful notion that the same regime that is stonewalling the IAEA can be trusted not to reconnect its centrifuges on short notice or increase their rates of uranium production or develop more powerful rockets. Iran has spent a decade taking advantage of the diplomatic process to buy time and advance its nuclear programs.

“The Iranian nuclear game is to compromise on the elements of the program they’ve already perfected in order to gain time on the elements they haven’t,” says Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

“They’ve perfected enrichment so they can suspend it for the time being. What they’ve gained in exchange is time to work on advanced centrifuge R&D. The more efficient the centrifuges, the fewer they need; the fewer they need, the easier they are to hide.”

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