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Tom Quiggin and Operation: Kill Switch (Act!forCanada)

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From: ACT! For Canada Newsletter – April 5, 2019

“Without freedom of speech, we are no longer really human beings. It is our most basic, fundamental right.”

~ Dr. William Warner ~

Tom Quiggin and Operation: Kill Switch

The Islamists are using Lawfare to go after Tom Quiggin, Raheel Raza and Tahir Gora for exposing the Muslim Brotherhood and their agents in government.  They are suing for millions. There is a good legal team fighting this but it will be costly.  They must be prepared to defend free speech and free press right up to the Supreme Court.

Please give this a high priority.  We need at least 1,000 people to donate $100 each in the next week or so.  If we don’t, we could be next.  Send to all your contacts.  This case could set a precedent and needs to be challenged.

Click HERE to go to the live campaign, or mail a cheque to:

Tom Quiggin

Station B, Box 1214

Ottawa, ON

K1P 5R3

Operation: Kill Switch asks why a federally registered taxpayer subsidized charitable organization, with alleged links to extremism, still has charitable status?   Why does the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and many of his caucus members have such strong ties to these types of organizations? 

Military veteran and intelligence expert, Tom Quiggin, has been sharing technical intelligence analysis on this issue and is now targeted in a frivolous multi-million-dollar lawfare lawsuit to try to silence him. 

Should taxpayer-funded charities be allowed to target our military veterans with your money? 

–  Help us protect this military veteran who continues to fight to keep our society (and us) safe from growing extremism.

–  Help us expose these organizations and their members for their alleged nefarious connections to extremism by supporting our campaign now.

Speak up and act while you still can. Your donations and support will help us fight back.


Last year, Tom Quiggin, an ex-military intelligence and counter-terrorism expert launched a podcast to share his 30 years of experience in intelligence gathering and analysis on the current threats our society is facing.

Tom Quiggin is a court qualified expert on terrorism (criminal court and Federal Court) and “intelligence collection and evidence” (Federal Court). Tom has testified on multiple occasions to Senate and the House of Commons Committees as well as a Royal Commission (Air India Inquiry 2007). He has also provided testimony to the Special Senate Committee on Anti-terrorism (2010).  A former Senior Fellow at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, he has 30 plus years of practical intelligence experience in a variety of positions including the: 

 Royal Canadian Mounted Police 

  • Bank of Canada 
  • Canadian Armed Forces
  • United Nations Protection Force in Yugoslavia
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada (War Crimes) 
  • International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (The Hague)
  • Privy Council Office of Canada 
  • Arms control inspector for the Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty and the Vienna Document. 

For the past several years Tom Quiggin has been researching the growth of extremism in western nations engaged in a well financed campaign of entryism, fueled by numerous front groups tracing back to the The Muslim Brotherhood Islamist Terrorist network.  Due to the vast amounts of financial support from foreign actors, mainstream media often refuses to report on these and related topics. They fear reprisal or being targeted by lawfare / harassment lawsuits, designed exclusively to cause ongoing financial damages through exorbitant legal fees charged to any defendant. This is the tactic being used now against Tom Quiggin, Raheel Raza of Muslims Facing Tomorrow, and Tahir Gora (co-authors of the book Submission) for filing an official complaint to Canada’s federal police and intelligence agency, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The Canadian Security and Intelligence Agency (CSIS) is also believed to be surveilling similar operations.  

In 2015 a federally registered organization was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in Senate Testimony in Canada. Since then, Tom Quiggin has been exposing the facts of its relationship to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas – both listed terrorist organizations by a variety of foreign military and intelligence agencies. 

This organization has now launched a retaliatory multi-million-dollar lawfare harassment lawsuit accusing Tom Quiggin and six other entities of allegedly running a “campaign of defamation”. Although many of the documents sighted in the RCMP complaint are Government of Canada sources, the organization has decided that these are irrelevant and is desperately trying to keep Tom Quiggin’s body of work on this topic hidden from public consumption.   

This is an aggressive scare tactic aiming to force us to abandon our platforms, to censor documented facts and obfuscate the responsibility of the actors involved.

We will not back down. They have made this a public legal battle where our irrefutable evidence will expose them to public scrutiny. But we desperately need your support. 

Operation: Kill Switch is how we do this. We need your help to bring the evidence to trial and take this organization down, so if you support this cause, please help us by contributing to the campaign today.


The federally registered charity, Islamic Relief Canada, is politically connected to the Liberal Party of Canada, influential in terms of policy and directly linked to Islamic Relief Worldwide. (Islamic Relief Worldwide has been listed as a terrorist funding operation by The United Arab Emirates). Much of our evidence has been provided by government documents and/or Islamic Relief Canada’s own documentation, but winning the case and pushing back at this organization’s aggressive bullying tactic cannot be taken lightly. They have considerable financial resources and support from numerous other powerful organizations. In addition, since the Trudeau government was elected, the organization in question is now receiving funding directly from the government of Canada to combat “Islamophobia”. This will become relevant at a later date. 

To document and prove the connections, and to follow the money trail, requires a lot of preparation, an organized and strategic response, and financial resources. This is Operation: Kill Switch – A coordinated effort to defend our rights and freedoms, to question and debate the activities of this group and others like it, and deter them from accessing taxpayer money to finance extremist activities abroad.

If you believe in this cause as much as we do, please help us and donate to the campaign now.


The victims being targeted in this harassment suit have sought legal council to assess the campaign against them.  Based on initial consultations and research, we have started taking action to prepare our response and a statement of defence – a public document highlighting much of our evidence, which has now been filed with the superior court.  Operation Kill Switch is already very much underway:

 A team of researchers with expertise in analysis, from various countries and backgrounds, is collecting more and more evidence

  • Tom Quiggin is working with other specialists in his network, to build on the evidence in the initial statement of defence and ensure it is filed and on the public record.
  • Council retained by Tom Quiggin are experienced in the field of defamation and lawfare suits targeting individuals
    • What is lawfare? Lawfare is a form of warfare consisting of the use of the legal system against an enemy, such as by damaging or delegitimizing it, tying up the enemy’s time or winning a public relations victory. The term is a portmanteau of the words law and warfare.  Lawfare is the use or misuse of the law to silence critics or drive them into submission rather than using other means such as civil discourse or discussion.  Islamist groups in North America regularly use well-funded lawfare cases to silence or frighten those who expose their extremist beliefs and ideologies.
  • Community groups and leaders have been contacted to address questions about nefarious entities working within the plaintiff organization, allegedly making statements that could be considered hate speech.  For example, Fathima Bahatta executive member of Islamic Relief has been recorded making statements like, “the Jews are the enemies of Islam” and long live the intifada [Holy war against Jews.] We have requested an investigation into her hate speech comments, demanding her resignation. 

Operation Kill Switch will also lead a parallel investigation and inquiry asking how an organization with potentially questionable and/or indirect ties to extremism could still be a federally registered charity under Canadian and international law.

  • Aid concerned advocacy groups working to fight against extremism, hate speech and groups fighting anti-Semitism, to highlight such egregious views and demand the immediate resignation of these individuals. 


The following people are targeted in the proceedings:


Tom Quiggin is a federal and criminal court-qualified terrorism expert whose expertise on the “the reliability of intelligence as evidence” has been recognized by the Federal and Criminal Court of Canada, where his testimony has been entered as evidence on multiple occasions. 

Quiggin has conducted ground-breaking work to expose facts that are extremely important not only to Canadians but to the international community, as we deal with a global Islamist insurgency which few people are brave enough to address in public forums for fear of targeting by extremists aligned with the Islamist cause. This body of evidence is opening avenues for major discussion and debate desperately needed in our society consumed by political correctness, politicking, and the shameful rise of the muzzling of freedom of speech under the banner of Islamophobia. 

There are opinions and there are facts; Quiggin does not engage in uninformed speculation. There is at least one group, however, attempting to use a tactic called libel chill, using our very own legal system against us, to silence voices like Tom Quiggin purporting that he has used opinion to run a “campaign of defamation”. 

Quiggin’s expertise has not gone unnoticed and throughout his career, he has been called upon by numerous government entities and specialist organizations to offer his expert advice to their leaders. Today Tom hosts his own podcast to share his intelligence insight with a wider audience, and has a regular spot on National Post Radio and Sirius XM, in his weekly talk with Anthony Fury, host of Canada Talks (channel 167).  Tom is also a frequent guest on syndicated radio programs such as The Roy Green Show with veteran journalist Roy Green, Charles Adler Tonight, Global News Radio with Award Winning Journalist Alex Pierson, Former political leader turned radio journalist Danielle Smith, and numerous alternative media sources, YouTube Channels, podcasts and other forums. 


Raheel Raza is a member of the Clarion Project Advisory Board and President of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. She is an award-winning journalist, author, public speaker, media consultant, anti-racism activist, and interfaith discussion leader. She is the author of, Their Jihad, Not My Jihad: A Muslim Canadian Woman Speaks Out.

A constant presence on television, she has appeared as a regular panellist on Jane Hawtin Live, Michael Coren, Ben Mergui Live, Vision, CBC, CTV, City TV, TVO, Faith Journal and Behind the Line on CTS, OMNI as well as on CBC and CFRB radio. 

In a presentation to Members of Parliament and international diplomats at the House of Commons in Canada, Raza received a standing ovation for her speech called, “Celebrating our Differences.”

Raheel has received many awards for her work building bridges of understanding, including the City of Toronto’s Constance Hamilton award for working towards the equitable treatment of women. She also received the Senate of Canada 150 medal in honour of her advocacy. Senator Frum, speaking at the ceremony, cited Raza’s commitment to liberty and equity and thanked her for “relentless advocacy for human rights, particularly the rights of vulnerable girls and women living under Sharia law”.

In June 2006, Raheel was invited to meet Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister of Canada following which she also had the honour to meet with Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, Governor General of Canada. Yet, in subsequent years, Canadian leaders have been less honouring of her accomplishments. While politicians are glad to pose for photo ops with more radical voices, Raza said, “a Muslim woman who has been warning about the dangers of radicalization encroaching on the corridors of every institution in this country is kept away like a pariah.”


Gora is a prominent novelist, poet, journalist, editor, translator and publisher with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Recognized as a bold social activist who has initiated many interfaith and pluralistic streams to bring the Muslim community of Canada together to support progressive ideas and actions.

He is a strong proponent of freedom of speech and has developed various initiatives to bring about the much-needed changes in the representational and communal aspects of the Canadian Muslim Community. Gora was active in several literary, cultural and political organizations in Pakistan and was a noted critic of religious intolerance in that country. 

He is a columnist for the Huffington Post, founder of ‘Canadian Thinkers’ Forum’, ‘Progressive Muslims Institute Canada’ and ‘Muslim Committee Against Antisemitism. He is also a recipient of the Queen Diamond Jubilee Medal for his services in Canada.


The suppression of speech and “m103”, the so-called Islamophobia motion, have already gone too far. We must prevent groups with Islamist ideologies and aspirations antithetical to Westphalian liberal democratic values from spreading intolerance into our political systems. Extremist groups or those indirectly supporting extremist activities must be cut off from access to taxpayer funding.

This isn’t just a fight to support Operation Kill Switch, it is a fight for ALL of us opposed to the growth and institutionalization of extremist ideologies. 

Show your support today by sharing this campaign with your friends, family and social networks. Your support is vital in helping us draw a clear line in the sand, to set a new and essential precedent.


“It is imperative that we support courageous individuals like Tom Quiggin who speak in our names and who bear the onerous burden required to fight…”

“Quiggin’s knowledge must get out to the people.”

“This is a very serious issue that’s not going away and we absolutely need qualified people like Tom Quiggin to speak up for us.”

“Thank you, Tom, for standing for freedom!”

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