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To the Christian World, by Jane Kiel (J. Post)

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Jan. 27, 2016

“Today we have an entire Muslim world coming against the Jews, just as we have seen since Islam was founded in the 7th century. We Christians too were responsible for hostility to the Jews down the ages, culminating in the Holocaust when, with few honorable exceptions, we closed our eyes and did not stand with suffering Israel.

On the contrary, many Christians around the world are now buying into the odious lie and deception – that was born in the pit of hell – namely that the Jewish people are occupying another people’s land.

Israel is reconstituted – reborn – in its own ancestral, native and Biblical homeland from the River to the Sea. The entire deception that a fraudulent Arab people calling themselves Palestinians ever had a state is perhaps the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon the world.

There has never been a Palestinian state in all of recorded history and the entire fabrication of a people called Palestinians was invented as a tool to destroy 4,000 years of Jewish history in its God given native homeland.”…

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