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Time for the West to Follow Israel’s Example on the Kurds – Makvan Kasheikal (J. Post via Daily Alert)

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Mar. 23, 2018

  • Time for the West to Follow Israel’s Example on the Kurds – Makvan Kasheikal
    On my Norwegian passport is the name of my birthplace in Iran. I am a Kurd. I came to Norway with my parents as a young boy. They fled from Iran after my father’s brother was tortured and killed in an Iranian prison, suspected of supporting a Kurdish movement.
    It has been six months now since the world’s largest ethnic group without its own nation state held a referendum on Kurdish independence in the Kurdish areas of Iraq, where 93% said “yes.” Since the referendum, the Kurdish population of northern Iraq has been living under major economic and political sanctions. The reactions from the West have been minimal, although the Kurds have been prominent in the struggle against Islamic State. The only support came from Israel, and was expressed by Prime Minister Netanyahu.
    We know what the Jews have been through, we know that the Jewish people need their own state to defend themselves, and we know that the Jewish people are one of the proudest people in the world. Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East, a country that defends Western Christian-Jewish culture, democracy, human dignity and humanism.
    We Kurds are Western-oriented and want a Kurdish democratic state. We thank Israel for the support of our cause. It is time that other Western countries also wake up and support a group fighting for democracy and contributing to the fight against terrorism. For Western countries to support a Palestinian state, but show total disinterest in establishing a state for us Kurds, demonstrates a double standard. In addition, we have also noticed that the Palestinian Authority has failed to support us. The author is leader of the Democrats in Norway. (Jerusalem Post)
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