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Must Read: The Upside-Down World of University Human Rights, by Dennis MacEoin (Gatestone Inst.)

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Jun. 13, 2015

Open Letter to the UK National Union of Students*

  • For the sake of students living in totalitarian state across the globe, we in the liberal democracies are obliged to take advantage of our freedom to debate. But that does not mean allowing ourselves to be swayed by manifest “agitprop,” distortion or factual inaccuracy. And it does not permit us to ban opinions on a racist basis (as is the case with academic boycotts of Israeli Jews). There is no sign in the motions you passed of Israeli opinion, just the views on one side.
  • The world you live in us upside down: you claim to act in defense of human rights, but your motions do not reflect this. You give free passage to the worst abusers of human rights — countries that persecute religious minorities, suppress and kill women, throw homosexuals from high roofs, execute hundreds of dissidents every year, and imprison, torture and slaughter — without rebuke. Yet you fulminate against Israel, which does none of these things. It does not use torture; it does not execute anyone — not even Palestinian terrorists who have committed mass murder against innocent civilians and children.

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