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The Palestinians’ War on History – Dr. Nesia Shemer (Israel Hayom via Daily Alert)

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Nov. 6, 2015

The Palestinians’ War on History – Dr. Nesia Shemer
David Ben-Gurion explained to the British Royal Commission of Inquiry (the Peel Commission) in 1937 the basis of the Jewish demand for the right to live in the Land of Israel: “The Bible is our mandate. Our historic right has existed since the dawn of the Jewish people.”
Yet the Palestinian Authority’s policy is to rewrite history and replace Jewish history with a fabricated, ancient Muslim-Palestinian history. On Palestinian television programs, the biblical Canaanites are morphed into Arabs who have lived in the land since 7000 BCE. Abraham is turned into a Muslim who built Al-Aqsa mosque. Moses becomes a Muslim who shepherded the Muslims out of Egypt, and Jesus is not a Jew but a Palestinian.
It is very hard to fight lies, because those who want to believe them will continue to believe them even when presented with historical facts and scientific proof to the contrary. The writer is a lecturer in the Middle Eastern Studies Department at Bar-Ilan University. (Israel Hayom)

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