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The Palestinian Pay-for-Slay System – Douglas J. Feith and Sander Gerber (Commentary via Daily Alert)

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Mar. 22, 2017

  • The Palestinian Pay-for-Slay System – Douglas J. Feith and Sander Gerber
    “I think the Palestinians have to get rid of some of that hate that they’re taught from a very young age,” President Trump said on Feb. 15. “They’re taught tremendous hate. I’ve seen what they’re taught.” Incitement, however, is only part of the picture. To spur knifings, car-rammings, and the like, they use an apparatus of cash incentives as financial rewards for perpetrators of anti-Israel attacks. Payment amounts correlate to the number of people the terrorists manage to victimize – a system that makes terrorism a lucrative career choice for young Palestinians.
    The PA pays monthly salaries to terrorists for life if they are men released from prison after five or more years or women after two or more years. Bonuses are paid if the terrorists are Israeli Arabs or Arab residents of Jerusalem. The pay-for-slay system is the work of the PA, generally described as nonviolent and committed to peace. But the theme of PA propaganda is that the only way ultimately for the Palestinian people to maintain their honor and achieve justice is to drive the Jews violently off the land. Hence, the laws promising large financial rewards for terrorism.
    Douglas J. Feith, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute, served as undersecretary of defense for policy in the George W. Bush administration. Sander Gerber is a fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and former vice chairman of the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars. (Commentary)

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