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The “New Palestinian” and Terror in Israel, by Ben Caspit (Al-Monitor via Mosaic)

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Dec. 18, 2015

Israeli security officials have been referring to perpetrators of the latest wave of murderous attacks as the “new Palestinians,” both because of their youth and because of the new sort of threat they represent. Ben Caspit explains:

Israeli security has described the so-called new Palestinian as young, slightly above twenty years of age. That said, there have also been much younger assailants—for example, one thirteen-year-old, girls aged fifteen, and even an eleven-year-old. The new Palestinian wears fashionable jeans, a patterned tricot shirt, and carries a smartphone in his back pocket and wears earphones connected to it by Bluetooth. He wraps a patriotic, Palestinian kaffiyeh around his neck, and in his hand he holds a large rock. The new Palestinian rages and fumes, defies authority, does not owe anything to anyone, and is not subject to any kind of hierarchy. He doesn’t listen to his parents, teachers, police, mukhtars (village leaders), family members, or [his] extended clan.

The new Palestinian . . . follows the international community’s stance on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and draws encouragement from it. He is held captive to the narrative of the Israeli occupation, completely open to the various conspiracy theories about Israel that spread like wildfire through the Arab street. He nurtures authentic inner rage that simmers while looking for an outlet. . . .

The new Palestinian is [also] unaware that compared to the other Arabs in the Middle East today, his situation is relatively better than theirs. The only Arab region in which electricity is available 24/7 is in Judea and Samaria. The same is true regarding infant mortality, the standard of medical care, and many other statistical facts. [However, the] new Palestinian feels under occupation and, more than anything else, wants freedom.

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