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The Hypocrisy of Solidarity – Gaza to Ferguson

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by Kasim Hafeez, blogs.timesofisrael.com, via honestreporting.com, Dec. 15, 2014

Kasim Hafeez calls out those anti-Israel activists who drew parallels between the situation in Ferguson and that in Gaza, and co-opted the tragedy, joining demonstrations to push their own agenda:

If you sincerely support the causes of others, if you are going to stand up against the suffering of others, then that is to be applauded.  But if you have somehow fallen into a position of caring and demonstrating when Israel is declared at fault and are silent at human rights abuses perpetrated in every other country in the Middle East, then perhaps you are less a human rights activist and more an anti-Semite.  The selective outrage, voices that remain silent in the face of the genocide of Yazidis and Christians in the Middle East, or that remain silent in the face of repeated human rights abuses of Hamas and Fatah, is not true human rights activism.

Here’s a suggestion:  before you begin your “Gaza stands with Ferguson,” and you stand with your keffiyah chanting at the police, perhaps Gaza and the activists who support their cause should stand with the women murdered in the name of honour.  Perhaps Gazans and the activists who support them should stand with the generations of children being given a hate education.  Perhaps Gazans and the activists who support them should stand with the Christians of Gaza and the West Bank who have fled in fear of their lives.  Perhaps then you will have earned the credibility to talk about justice.

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