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The Battle of the Gaza War Reports – Jonathan S. Tobin (Commentary via Daily Alert)

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Jun. 16, 2015

  • The Battle of the Gaza War Reports – Jonathan S. Tobin
    In the battle for international opinion, those who think Hamas has the right to shoot at Israeli civilians and consider it bad form that the Jewish state takes so much trouble to protect its people actually aren’t interested in the facts about the fighting. It doesn’t matter to them that no other country in the world would seek to stop attacks on its cities with the degree of care that Israel demonstrates. Nor does it matter that the point of Hamas’ “resistance” is not to adjust the border in the West Bank but to destroy Israel.
    By any rational standard, Israel’s effort to stop Hamas missile fire and tunnels was a just war. But if you think Israelis deserve to be killed simply because they are Israelis and that the Jews are the one people in the world not entitled to a state or its defense, then it doesn’t matter how hard the IDF tries to save Palestinian lives. (Commentary)
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