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The Battle of Sejaiya (2 articles)

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The Battle of Sejaiya – 1 – Gili Cohen
(dailyalert.org, July 28, 2014)

During the fighting in Sejaiya in Gaza on July 20, the Golani Brigade had been under fire for several hours, said an IDF officer involved in the fighting. “The enemy was spread in every direction, and was shooting….Working with the knowledge of the enemy’s location, we put all the Golani soldiers in the Namers [the army’s best APCs]…and we laid down fire” only 100 meters away. Artillery fired 600 shells at Sejaiya as planes bombed from above, “after which there was no more shooting from there, not even light weapons.”

The next day as well, in an aerial attack that included about 100 one-ton bombs, the Israel Air Force dropped bombs only about 250 meters away from IDF ground troops. (Ha’aretz)

See also The Battle of Sejaiya – 2 – Yaakov Lappin

A senior army source from the Artillery Corps provided a chilling account on Sunday of the battle that raged in Sejaiya on July 20, when a Golani infantry force sent to search for tunnels came under a massive attack by Hamas’ Shejaia Battalion, made up of 8-900 highly trained armed men. In a coordinated fashion, the gunmen emerged from “the metro under Sejaiya” and launched a massive wave of anti-tank, mortar, sniper and automatic gunfire from buildings surrounding the Golani force. “I saw that enemy cells had come to within 40 meters of our forces.”

At this stage, the Artillery Corps mapped out the location of enemy forces, and three artillery battalions rained fire on Sejaiya while Hamas continued to blast the soldiers with mortars from all around the neighborhood. After 20 minutes of shelling, silence ensued. (Jerusalem Post)
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