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The 10 IDF Photos You Liked the Most on Facebook in 2013

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2013 is about to come to an end. We looked through our Facebook feed and found the photos you liked the most this year. These images represent the bravery, courage and incredible spirit of our soldiers. You may find the results surprising – scroll down to see them all.

#10: 7,701 likes

Ziv lost his arm in a terrorist attack near Gaza. Three months later, he was back with his soldiers. Read his story.

Ziv Shilon Reunited with his soldiers

#9: 8,198 likes

A Palestinian ambulance carrying a very sick woman was stuck in the snow. Luckily, soldiers from the Kfir Brigade were there to help. In the chaos of the snowstorm, the IDF never lost track of it values.


#8: 8,341 likes

“When we arrived at Auschwitz, we seated the whole delegation in one of the barracks. Menachem, our witness, told his story. No member of the delegation was unaffected. When the ceremony ended, the ground was already covered in ice. I was worried about Menachem, so I called a car to take him. He looked at me and said simply: ‘from Auschwitz, I am leaving on my feet,’ and he marched the whole way. When we walked into the camp, Menachem walked in front, and the entire delegation saluted him. He was so touched that he broke into tears.”

– Brig. Gen. Amir Abulafia, leader of the IDF commanders’ delegation to Poland

meir auschwitz

#7: 9,205 likes

After a long journey halfway across the world, the IDF rescue team arrived from Israel to the storm-ravaged Philippines. Thousands were waiting for them. As this picture went up, the IDF team was building their field hospital.


#6: 10,361 likes

This year, we celebrated 65 years of Israeli independence. 65 years later, we’re here, we’re strong, and we’re ready for anything.

Yom Haatzmaut

#5: 10,627 likes

“My name is Ben Levy, I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I’ll be 20 in a month. From a young age it was clear to me that I wanted to be a soldier. At home, they always taught me to serve the country and to give of myself as much as I can. Two years ago, I got an exemption from the army, but my affair with the IDF had only just begun.

Last week, I enlisted in the IDF for a full two years of service.”

Ben Levy

#4: 11,176 likes

Women do incredible work in the IDF. Some of the very bravest decide to become combat soldiers.

women combat soldiers

#3: 12,098 likes

These women vyed for the top prize in Miss Israel 2013. They’re also paratrooper instructors, Air Force operators, squad instructors and logistics specialists. Meet the six soldiers and beauty queens who are showing the world a different side of the IDF.

Miss Israel 2013 nominees

#2: 12,469 likes

In January, snow fell heavily in the Golan Heights and Mount Hermon. Most Israelis tried to stay inside. But no matter the conditions, we’re always outside, on guard for Israel.

Hermon snow

#1: 13,466 likes

They’re exhausted, they’re sweaty, but they’ve reached the end of their 45 kilometer beret march. We captured this picture as these Nahal Brigade soldiers ascended the summit of Masada.

Nahal Beret March


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