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Terror Tunnels & Rockets (3 articles)

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Israel Hunts Attack Tunnel Openings – Gili Cohen (Ha’aretz)
(dailyalert.org, July 30, 2014)

    To date the IDF has destroyed 2/3 of the Gaza attack tunnels that have been discovered, but officers in the field say that trying to track down all the shafts and openings leading from a given tunnel demands a large investment of resources.

    The IDF is now using huge ventilators and smoke machines for this purpose.

    It appears that the tunnel used to carry out the attack south of the Karni Crossing on Monday had already been discovered by the IDF, but all its openings were not known. 

Israel Debuts Micro Robot in Anti-Tunnel Campaign – Barbara Opall-Rome

Israel debuted the Micro Tactical Ground Robot (MTGR) built by Roboteam, a locally developed micro robot, to explore the labyrinth of tunnels and concealed shafts supporting subterranean arms depots, command posts and cross-border attacks from Gaza. Several systems are already operating with combat engineering units against dozens of tunnels and multiple access points concealed in homes and civilian structures throughout Gaza.

MTGR is tasked for high-risk surveillance, mapping and explosive-ordnance-disposal missions. It weighs less than 20 pounds and is built to clear obstacles, climb 8-inch stairs and maneuver in tight, dangerous terrain. Its five onboard cameras, internal microphone and infrared laser points generate intelligence and targeting data 360 degrees around the vehicle. (Defense News)

Despite Rockets and Tunnels, Israeli Farmers Remain Hopeful – Anav Silverman

Danny Cohen, 50, of Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, 2.5 km. from the Gaza border, is the head of the kibbutz’s emergency response team and is among the 60 kibbutz members who have remained despite the rocket fire and Hamas infiltrations. “In the last few years, half of the homes on the kibbutz have been struck by rockets, both by direct hits or by shrapnel from rocket explosions,” he said.

Cohen points to the most recent house that has been directly hit by a rocket. The blue sky can been seen through a wide gaping hole penetrating the ceiling of the living room and bedroom, which are now full of debris. Chaya Pachuk, 84, who lives in the now partially destroyed house, was not home at the time of the rocket strike. Two days before, Pachuk had gone to her son in Tel Aviv.

“As a farmer, it’s not so simple to move away,” says Cohen. “This is not only our home, but our livelihood as well. The farmers stay here no matter what – we have to take care of the livestock, cows, crops, and fields. We can’t just leave all this behind.”

Eshkol Regional Council spokeswoman Ronit Minaker notes, “Despite the rockets in the past seven years, there has actually been a 35% increase in population – people move here because of the quality of life, the scenic nature, and good community atmosphere.”  (Huffington Post)



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