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Taking Iran’s Anti-Semitism Seriously

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Taking Iran’s Anti-Semitism Seriously – Jeffrey Herf
(dailyalert.org, Jun. 5, 2014)

Radical, theologically based hatred of Judaism, Zionism, and the State of Israel is part of the core ideological beliefs of the leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran’s radical anti-Semitism is a paranoid conspiracy theory that claims that the powerful and evil “Jew” is the driving force in global politics.

Iran is the first government since Hitler’s in which anti-Semitism constitutes a central element of its identity. An Iran with nuclear weapons would thus be the first government since Hitler’s to be both willing and able to threaten a second Holocaust. A close and honest look at the beliefs of Iran’s leaders would undermine the hope that the Islamic Republic is actually a normal, rational actor in world affairs.The writer is Distinguished University Professor of history at the University of Maryland. (American Interest)

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