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Summaries of 4 articles by Daily Alert, with links

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1) Congress Warns EU Against “Warning Labels” for Jewish-Made Products – Adam Kredo

Leading lawmakers in Congress are warning the EU that mandating that Jewish products made in contested areas carry consumer warning labels could trigger American anti-boycott laws and jeopardize U.S. trade with Europe. The European Court of Justice is expected to issue an opinion on Tuesday requiring that such products be labeled as coming from “settlements.”  (Washington Free Beacon)

More than 319 people have been killed and 15,000 wounded since anti-government demonstrations began in Baghdad and southern Iraqi cities on Oct. 1. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested after intelligence officers took photographs inside protest tents.

    Streets and bridges in Baghdad are littered with Iranian-made 40mm canisters that contained tear gas and toxic smoke. Five to 10 times heavier than standard canisters used for crowd control, these grenades have been fired directly at protesters, smashing skulls and killing at least 31 people on impact. (Washington Post)
4) The Myth of a Progressive Palestine – Petra Marquardt-Bigman (Algemeiner)

The idea that the Palestinians are interested in establishing a progressive paradise is downright preposterous, since extensive opinion surveys document that extremist and fundamentalist views are mainstream in Palestinian society.

As documented in a Pew survey from 2013, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza were often among the Muslim populations with the most extremist views about the role of Islam in society.

89% said they wanted Sharia law; 66% endorsed the death penalty for Muslims who convert to another religion; 76% supported mutilation as a punishment for theft; and 84% wanted adulterers stoned to death.

In 2007, 70% of Palestinians expressed the view that suicide bombings targeting civilians in defense of Islam could be justified.

In 2011, when al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden was killed, 34% of Palestinians still expressed “confidence” in him, and Hamas condemned the U.S. for assassinating “an Arab holy warrior.”
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