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Summaries of 2 articles on biased (equating terrorists with victims) reporting (from CNN, CBS, & AP), from Daily Alert, with links

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Dec. 25, 2015

Israel Files Complaints with CNNand CBS over Slanted Reporting (Ynet News)
Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO) sent an official letter of complaint to CNN andCBS after the two TV networks failed to make a distinction between victims and attackers, simply reporting on four killed in a deadly stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Wednesday.
CNN reported: “Four Die in Violent Stabbing at Jaffa Gate.” CBSwent with the headline “2 Palestinians Killed after Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem.”
GPO director Nitzan Chen wrote to CNN: “As this is neither the first nor the second such incident, I have no choice but to contact you regarding this latest example.”
“We believe that combining the two murderers with the two victims into ‘Four dead’ – is not only dishonest and unethical journalism, but also borders on incitement since the viewer can easily misinterpret it.”
“Reporting ‘Four dead’ only leads us to conclude that the person who wrote this headline had a clear political agenda.”
See also AP Headline Casts Palestinian Attackers as Victims, Ignores Dead Israelis(CAMERA)
After a Palestinian stabbing attack and the police response killed two Israelis and two Palestinians on Wednesday, anAssociated Pressheadline ignored the Israeli deaths, and cast the attackers as victims.
The headline read: “2 Palestinians Killed Following Stabbing Attack in Jerusalem.”
It failed to mention the Israeli victims and neglected to specify that Palestinians were the attackers, and instead conveyed to readers that it was Palestinians who were the victims.
After CAMERA contacted AP, they revised the headline.

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