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Summaries of 2 articles from Daily Alert: Saudi Arabia Takes the Initiative Against Iran – Mudar Zahran (J.Post) & Palestinian Forces Fighting Alongside the Syrian Regime(MEMRI)

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May 21, 2015

  • Saudi Arabia Takes the Initiative Against Iran – Mudar Zahran
    Saudi Arabia’s war on Iranian loyalists in Yemen, the Houthis, will have a major influence on the region. For the first time in this century, an Arab state took the initiative to attack Iran’s interests. Saudi deputy crown prince and defense minister Muhammad bin-Salman, 34, convinced the Saudi monarchy to fight Iran.
    Iran has been verbally threatening everyone in the region in recent years, but Salman has slapped Iran in the face without worrying about any consequences. Iran’s loyalists have never been in a more fragile position – not because of Saudi Arabia’s military might, but because Saudi Arabia has public Arab support for its military operations in Yemen. In fact, Arab social media has been overflowing with praise for Salman and Saudi Arabia.
    Before the Saudi operations began, many called Israel crazy for wanting to counter Iran’s hostility with military action. Now Saudi Arabia has set an example of possibly the best method to silence Iran. Also, Salman has established himself as a man willing to take the fight to Iran rather than just await Iran’s actions. (Jerusalem Post)

Palestinian Forces Fighting Alongside the Syrian Regime(MEMRI)
In addition to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Lebanese Hizbullah, and Shi’ite Iraqi, Afghani, and Pakistani militias, Palestinian forces are also fighting alongside the Syrian regime.
The main Palestinian forces included the 60,000-strong Palestinian Liberation Army – “the military wing of the PLO” – and Liwa Al-Quds, led by Muhammad Sa’id, which comprises several thousand residents of Palestinian refugee camps near Aleppo.
In recent days, a new Palestinian group has emerged, the Galilee Forces (Quwat Al-Jalil) or Galilee Brigade (Liwa Al-Jalil). This group is the military wing of the Palestinian Youth Return Movement, and is led by Fadi Al-Mallah.

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