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Summaries of 2 articles by Daily Alert, both supportive of Israel, by authors from India/Pakistan

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Aug. 30, 2019

  • How to Visit Israel as a Muslim Woman – Raheel Raza
    Maybe U.S. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib never really wanted to go to Israel but just wanted to create hysteria and garner attention. Omar and Tlaib made it a point in their press conference to point out that they were “Muslim.” They also said they were going to work at “peace.” Yet they have no qualms about slamming the entire country and therefore the entire people – all the time.
    As a Muslim woman who has been to Israel a dozen times, let me tell them how it’s done. I fully support Israel’s right to exist with Jerusalem as its capital and the right of the Jewish people to be free from orchestrated anti-Semitic attacks.
    In my travels to Israel, I go with an open mind and no pre-conceived notions. I’m well aware of the problems, and I’ve met and spoken to people from both sides of the equation. It always amazes me how critical Israelis can sometimes be about their own government, but this is what a democracy is all about. The writer is president of the Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. (Jerusalem Post)



  • An Indian Perspective on the Prospects of Coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians – Sunil Kumar
    Coexistence is well-nigh impossible when the efforts undertaken to achieve it remain one-sided: coexistence cannot be a unilateral affair. The refusal on the part of Palestinians to condemn violence and cold-blooded murder of Jews attests to the fact that the call for coexistence is just a means of masking hatred of Israel and facilitating the process of gaining statehood.
    In addition, continued refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish state by Islamic nations in general and the Palestinian Authority in particular solidify one’s suspicion about the real motive of Palestinians. The writer is a research scholar at Central University of South Bihar, Gaya, India. (Jewish Political Studies Review)
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