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Ryan At AIPAC, by Ryan Bellerose (Israellycool via Elder of Ziyon)

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Mar. 27, 2016

I just got back from Washington DC, where I went to attend AIPAC’s policy conference – and it was interesting to say the least. I have actually spent more time among Israelis than among American Jews and it was an eye-opener.

I saw some things that really made me think. I think there are a lot of American Jews who get it, who understand that if they do not fight back, things will only get worse. I would like to believe that’s why so many attended the AIPAC conference. But what I saw from the Israelis there, made me proud to be friends with them. They understand that if you ignore the bully, he doesn’t go away, he feels empowered. When a bully tries to bully you, you don’t ignore and avoid, you punch that SOB in the face.

But speaking as someone who has experience with racism and bigotry as well as experience with the other side of the fence, it really bothered me that there were protesters outside who largely went unchallenged. I honestly believe that by not confronting them, the people who stayed inside at AIPAC did themselves no favors. I personally made it a point to walk right through their crowds on the sidewalk when we walked to the Verizon Centre, and when one mouthed off to me, I told him off, and when he stepped up to my chest, I stepped towards him, not away. Would you like to guess what happened then?

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