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Recent attacks by Arabs against Jews in Israel & territories (Daily Alert)

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Oct. 8, 2015

Palestinian Stabs Israeli Outside Central Israel Mall – Yaniv Kubovich and Nir Hasson
An Israeli man was stabbed in the chest by a Palestinian outside a shopping mall in Petah Tikva in central Israel on Wednesday. The attacker, Tamer Yunis Ahmed Vareidat, 25, from the West Bank, arrived at the mall by bus and immediately started attacking passers-by. (Ha’aretz)

Palestinian Man Stabs Soldier in Southern Israel – Nir Hasson
Amjad Algandi, 24, a Palestinian from the West Bank, stabbed an IDF soldier and stole his weapon in the southern Israeli city of Kiryat Gaton Wednesday, before being shot dead by police. (Ha’aretz)
See also Arab Attacks Israeli Woman in Her Home – Ben Hartman
A Palestinian terrorist with a stolen rifle burst into the apartment of Liat Ohana in Kiryat Gat on Wednesday and tried to stab her with a knife stolen from her kitchen. Ohana and her mother rushed out of the apartment with the attacker in close pursuit. “We just kept running. I looked death in the eye and thought I’m not going to make it out alive,” Ohana told Channel 2. (Jerusalem Post)

Palestinian Woman Stabs Jewish Man in Jerusalem – Nir Hasson and Yaniv Kubovich
A Jewish man was stabbed in the back by a Palestinian woman in Jerusalem’s Old City on Wednesday near the site where two Jewish men were stabbed to death by a Palestinian on Saturday.  The wounded man then shot his assailant. (Ha’aretz)
See also Palestinian Attacker Writes on Facebook: “I’m Going to Become a Martyr”
“I’m going to become a shahid [martyr],” Shorouq Dwayyat, 18, wrote in a Facebook post on Wednesday before stabbing an Israeli man in a terror attack. (Times of Israel)

Palestinian Stabs Israeli in Jerusalem
An Israeli man was seriously wounded by a Palestinian in a stabbing attack in Jerusalem on Thursday at a light rail stop near the Israel Police’s national headquarters. The victim was evacuated to the hospital with the knife still lodged in his neck. The attacker was caught by police. (Times of Israel)

Israeli Woman Escapes Lynching by Palestinian Mob – Roi Yanovsky
Rivi Lev Ohayon, 38, was injured south of Jerusalem after Palestinian attackers smashed her windows with rocks and attempted to physically remove her from the vehicle. “I managed to miraculously escape a lynching attempt,” she said. “I noticed a line of about 10 people forming a human barrier. They were all holding rocks, and there were another 10 20-something-year-olds behind them….Ten of them jumped on my car and broke my windshield, while one of them opened my door. I saw my death. He started kicking me, but I managed to lock the door and drive away.” Seven Israeli cars were damaged in the attack. (Ynet News)

IDF Thwarts Terror Attack near Ma’ale Adumim
A Palestinian vehicle tried to break through the A-Zaim security checkpoint near Ma’ale Adumim, east of Jerusalem, in an attempt to run over security forces on Wednesday. IDF soldiers at the scene apprehended the driver. (Jerusalem Post)

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