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Re: illegal Bedouin encampment at Khan al-Ahmar in Israel (Arlene Kushner)

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July 6, 2018

From Arlene Kushner’s blog, July 6, 2018

Another instance of the need to be tough:

An illegal encampment of some 170-180 Palestinian Authority Bedouin was established in the 1990s east of Jerusalem.



Known as Khan al-Ahmar, the encampment had no authorization or building permits. As it was built within the town limits of the Israeli community of Kfar Adumim, Israel declared it illegal, and said that it had to be demolished.

This is just one instance of many in which Palestinian Arab Bedouins set up legal outposts to block Israeli growth and pave the way for eventual Palestinian Authority contiguity in the area. The battle over the E1 Area, which is where this illegal outpost is located, is key.

What followed were years of appeals and delays and legal battles within the Israeli legal system. Ultimately the Supreme Court upheld lower court decisions ruling that the outpost was indeed illegal and must be removed.

But even then that the government has been slow to move on the demolition, undoubtedly because an unfriendly world is watching. There have been altogether too many instances such as this, including with the illegal outpost at Susiya. The UN has something to say, and the EU, which fosters illegal Arab building, has something to say, and sometimes even left-wing Democratic Congresspersons think they have something to say. They do not.

According to Channel 10 News yesterday, the ambassadors of the five largest countries of the European Union—Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain—had met with Oded Yosef, the deputy national security adviser at the Prime Minister’s Office, to warn him that the demolition of Khan al-Ahmar would lead to a stern response from many European countries.

They were rebuffed. Yosef told the ambassadors that the outpost constituted a safety hazard in its current location. (Kids there, standing on hills overlooking the highway, throw rocks down on cars below.)

He also advised them that the residents had been offered a number of alternatives: a permanent neighborhood for the residents of Khan al-Ahmar had been established where each evicted family would receive a developed plot for free.


It is important to know this: this is not about humanitarian concerns for the Bedouins. It is purely political.

Regavim put out a statement in this regard:

Khan al-Ahmar has become a litmus test for the State of Israel, which must stand firm against the pressure campaign and complete the outpost’s relocation.”


Now it appears that the government is moving to remove the encampment. Bulldozers have been brought in and notices have been delivered.

What is more, EU diplomats have been barred from the area.

Let us hope…


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But in the Times of Israel today:

But, in the Times of Israel today:

High Court freezes demolition

of West Bank Bedouin village

State told to respond by next week to

petition filed by Khan al-Ahmar, alleging

Civil Administration refused to review plans

submitted by residents to legalize their


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