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When convicted terrorists who are naturalized Canadian citizenssuch as Zakaria Amara, Misbahuddin Ahmed, Hiva Mohammed Alizadeh, Saad Gaya, Asad Ansari, Saad Khalid and Tahawwur Hussain Rana become the enemy, prepared to mass murder Canadians,  shatter our sense of safety and security and forever change our country – surely they must be stripped of the privilege of Canadian citizenship. Because if not, how do we separate upstanding, law-abiding, tax-paying, patriotic citizens from criminals and terrorists?  Please see attached poster from Senator Daniel Lang of Yukon who is trying to get the bill amended. In it, he describes the acts of these seven convicted terrorists who are subject to revocation of their citizenship.

Bill C-6 proposes to change the Canadian Citizenship Act and has been passed by the House of Commons. It now has had two readings in the Senate. Canadian laws should be made in the interests of the Canadian people, but there are aspects of Bill C-6 that seem to put the interests of would-be immigrants ahead of the interests and safety of Canadian citizens. 

What is the benefit to Canadians to make Canadian citizenship so much easier to obtain? If a person wants to become a Canadian citizen, is it unreasonable to expect such a person to live in Canada for 4 out of 6 years and to learn to speak English or French properly?  And why should Canadian citizenship be granted to someone who does not even intend to reside in Canada? We already have a sufficient number of citizens for whom their Canadian passport is primarily one of convenience. This would most certainly apply to naturalized Canadian citizens who have been convicted of a terrorist offence, treason, spying, lying on their application, etc. Surely such people did not acquire their Canadian citizenship with good intentions and a desire to become law-abiding citizens! As we see it, they fully deserve to have their Canadian citizenship revoked, something Bill C-6 would prevent.

When a person has the privilege of becoming a Canadian citizen, he or she takes an oath that says:

“I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful

and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty

Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada,

Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully

observe the laws of Canada and fulfil my duties

as a Canadian citizen against its enemies.”


ACT! for Canada is urging you to email Canadian Senators and

request that they give their attention to amending Bill C-6.

  • Canadian citizenship is a privilege and not a right.  Convicted terrorists should have their Canadian citizenship revoked.  34 countries have similar laws.
  • The amount of time newcomers must live in Canada before they qualify for citizenship is only three years of part-time residency under Bill C-6.  This will be a security risk as special interest groups wanting to penetrate our society with subversive intentions will find it easier to come to Canada and obtain a Canadian passport. 
  • The language requirements should not be relaxed and are a vital part of successful integration. Under this Bill, approximately 30,000 people will not have to know either French or English, or anything about Canada to obtain citizenship.  That is 300,000 over 10 years.
  • The government has given no explanation on these changes and simply forced this bill through Parliament.
  • The only opportunity left to stop this reckless bill is for the Senate to intervene. Canadians need to contact the “Independent Senators” appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau to urge them to do as the PM requested – scrutinize legislation and fix poor bills.
  • Concerned Canadians should contact all “Independent Senators” to encourage them to amend this bill. This is a crucial vote – PLEASE take the time to write. It does make a difference – and especially when there is a monumental response.

“Terrorism is an existential threat to Canadian

society in a way that murder, assault, robbery and

other crimes are not. Terrorists reject and challenge

the very foundations of Canadian society.”


~ Hon. Mr. Justice John C. Major ~

Supreme Court of Canada (ret.)

Chair of the Commission of Inquiry into the

investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182

We hope that the Senate takes seriously its role as a Chamber of “sober second thought” when it debates this Bill for the third time.

Here are 3 suggested letters – simply cut and paste the one you

choose. Or feel free to write your own (polite and respectful) letter:

This is how to send your letter – this reaches EVERY Senator.


To:             [email protected]

Bcc:           [email protected]

Subject:     Bill C-6


Dear Senators:

The Senate is the only place to seriously scrutinize Bill C-6, which will weaken Canadian citizenship and allow approximately 30,000 people per year to become citizens without any French or English language skills or any knowledge of Canada. It will also allow 7 dual nationals convicted of terrorism offences and who have violated their oath of loyalty to Canada to keep their Canadian citizenship and their Canadian passport.

I, as a proud Canadian citizen, ask if is it too much to request that newcomers adhere to the Oath of Citizenship they swore – or learn French or English and truly join the Canadian family? Those who seek to undermine our national security — those who are convicted of plotting ISIS-style massacres in Canada — should never be given the privilege of retaining their Canadian passport and citizenship.

Please find a way to amend this Bill to establish a reasonable judicial process for citizenship revocations. This would be consistent with the powers the government already has to revoke citizenship for war crimes, fraud, etc. Thank you for standing strong with Canada and Canadians.

Dear Senators:

As a citizen of this country I urge you to bring serious examination to Bill C-6 and do your best to ensure that those seven convicted terrorists – who plotted mass bombings and decapitation of individuals – do not retain their Canadian citizenship. 34 countries permit revocation of citizenship including the UK, Australia and the US.

Canada should not reward terrorists – especially dual nationals who have sworn an oath of loyalty to Canada. Bill C-6 is directly undermining the long term security and viability of our nation.The sacrifices of our sailors, soldiers and airmen to preserve this nation and Canadian citizenship must not be relegated to the ash heap of history for the sake of mere political ambition.

Please protect our children and our country. Please honour our citizenship by ensuring it is not abused by dual nationals who are convicted terrorists. I urge you to find a way to ensure a fair, judicial process for revocation of citizenship for these seven individuals and any future convicted terrorists who is a dual national.

Dear Senators:

I am writing to ask you to take action to prevent those seven convicted dual nationals from retaining their Canadian citizenship, as Bill C-6 is proposing to do. Supporters claim that a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian. Unfortunately, no Canadian I know, or you know, would seek to kill another Canadian for political reasons or as a result of religious hatred. If we allow these convicted terrorists to retain their citizenship, as the Bill before you proposes, we are undermining our country and our oath of loyalty, and we are allowing Canada to be viewed by those radical individuals as being soft on terrorism.

You, as a Senator, have a moral responsibility to uphold the oath to Her Majesty the Queen. I urge you to work together with your colleagues to find a fair and reasonable judicial process by which we could move to revoke citizenship from dual national terrorists.  Thank you for doing your job and for standing strong for Canada, especially when dealing with convicted terrorists who plotted to kill our fellow citizens.


Please take the time to do this.  It is the only way

we have a chance of having Bill C-6 defeated.






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