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Only Fools Play Tag with the Iranian-Islamic Dragon – Dr. Sima Goel (LA Jewish Journal via Daily Alert)

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Aug. 21, 2015

Only Fools Play Tag with the Iranian-Islamic Dragon – Dr. Sima Goel
I was born in Iran, but fled when I was 17. Although I love Iranians, I love the freedom and choices offered in the West more, and I want to protect them. The decision to facilitate nuclear production under the Iranian-Islamic government puts us all at risk. The nuclear deal is not good for the Iranian people, the region or the world. It gives the mullahs power to suppress opposition and encourages them to continue to incite global terror.
I understand too well the dragon that rules Iran. I have suffered its fire and I have seen how this predator brings down its prey. I know what the Iranian-Islamic government stands for and to what extent it will go to promote its ideology. When they say, “Death to England!” “Death to America!” “Death to Israel!,” they really mean it. This is not a fringe group. By facilitating Iran’s nuclear capacity, we are feeding the dragon.
Documents alone do not make for peace when the signatories have a history of showing no faith, nor any tolerance for beliefs other than their own and they morally believe in the legitimate use of deception to achieve their long-term goals. Further, they insist on exporting their ideology to the region and the world at large. It is not “live and let live,” but “I live and you die.” We would not try to pacify a bully by giving him a loaded gun, so why are we permitting and encouraging Iran’s nuclear capability? The writer is the author of Fleeing the Hijab: A Jewish Woman’s Escape from Iran. (Los Angeles Jewish Journal)

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