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Obama’s Slap in the Face, by MK Sharren Haskel (J. Post)

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Dec. 30, 2016

  • Obama’s Slap in the Face – MK Sharren Haskel
    Barack Obama and his closest advisers have used the last eight years to conduct experiments in foreign policy without giving consideration to the consequences, thinking all along the way that they know the Middle East better than it knows itself.
    In this neighborhood only the strong are respected, and only the strong survive. In this neighborhood, no matter your religion or ethnicity, a person’s word is their honor. And where you do find peace and coexistence, you find that it comes only from the honoring of one’s word, from deterrence, and from strict enforcement of laws and assertion of rights. In this neighborhood, if you give your word or make a promise but don’t stick to it, you lose respect and nobody will trust you.
    What the Obama administration’s approach failed to factor in was that the lack of a strong and firm policy not only results in the weakening of the image of the U.S., but a weakened U.S. has led to the weakening of the UN – and if the international community is weak, then the entire free world should be worried about what comes next.
    The UN Security Council resolution last Friday was made against Israel, the one and only true democracy in the region, the only stronghold that fights terror with one strong hand while guarding stability and human rights with the other. The Obama administration’s decision was a slap in the face to the only country in the region that in any way represents the same values that the U.S. has sworn to stand for and strive to protect.
    The writer, a Knesset member for Likud, served as a combat soldier and commander in the Israel Border Police during the time of the second intifada. She is the second youngest MK (32). (Jerusalem Post)
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