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Now They Call Us “White Jews”: A New American Anti-Semitism – Seth J. Frantzman (J. Post via Daily Alert)

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Dec. 28, 2018

  • Now They Call Us “White Jews”: A New American Anti-Semitism – Seth J. Frantzman
    “Women’s March activists are grappling with how they treat Jews, and whether they should be counted as privileged white Americans or ‘marginalized’ minorities,” the New York Times noted recently. The labeling of Jews as “white” and debates on how to “treat Jews,” as if Jews are packages in a supermarket, is a form of dehumanizing rhetoric designed to force Jewish people into a binary of “white/non-white” that is currently trendy in U.S. discussions. The new toxic discussion is designed to label Jews as “white supremacists.”
    The concept of anti-Semitism was coined by anti-Jewish activist Wilhelm Marr, who objected to the idea that Jews would assimilate into Germany. Anti-Semitism became entwined with the idea that Jews were a separate “race” from white Europeans. Today that has come full circle and Jews are portrayed as not just passing as white, but of being an example of white supremacy. Only 70 years after the Holocaust, the people genocided for being non-white and non-European are now called white supremacists.
    The term “white Jews” is anti-Jewish because no other group is subjected to this same slur. Labeling Jews “white” is a way to purposely attack and single out this one group. Those who use this term don’t say “white Muslims, white Hindus, white Catholics.” Jews are the only minority group in America told that it is “white.”
    If you remain silent when you hear the term “white Jews,” you are not doing your part to stop this creeping hatred. There are no white Jews. There are Jews. Some Jews may appear white, or even have origins in Europe. Some do not. There are many more Muslims who pass as white than there are Jews. (Jerusalem Post)
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