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by Barry Shaw, whose articles have been posted here

IF YOU’RE GOING TO BOYCOTT ISRAEL – DO IT PROPERLY! That’s the opening chapter of my bookISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE.’ Makes a terrific Pesach read. Beat the boycotters – it’s printed in Israel!!Download it on your Kindle or at Amazon. Or get your personal signed paperback copy at www.israelnarrative.com

Israel Reclaiming the Narrative is an indispensable read for pro-Israel activists and advocates, or for those in search of truth about Israel’s position in a difficult and dangerous world. It exposes the lies and hypocrisy of the anti-Israel message. It is bursting with facts, statements, and details that give you the ability to challenge the false allegations made against Israel.

Why is this book different from all other books about Israel? All other books tend to defend Israel. ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE goes on the attack against Israel’s enemies. This is not an apology of a book. Why should Israel apologize for fighting for its right to exist?

This book exposes the real intent of those who hide their malevolent agenda against Israel, often behind a false cloak of human rights and pious morality, as they seek to deny those values to Israel and Israelis.

ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE prosecutes Israel’s haters and defamers by outing, naming, and shaming them and by revealing their tactics and strategies. From the Palestinian and Arab leadership to boycotters, replacement theologists, the media, leading politicians, and a misguided public, all are subject to scrutiny and found guilty of slander, violence, abuse, and naivity against the Jewish nation.

ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE has been called the ‘Hasbara Bible.’ 

ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE lists the voices of Booker Prize winner Howard Jacobson, Melanie Phillips, Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and Pastor John Hagee, who eloquently stand with Israel.

ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE gives a personal account of twhat it is like to live under Palestinian terror.

ISRAEL RECLAIMING THE NARRATIVE is a book about the affirmative spirit of the Jewish nation that refuses to bow to intimidation.

This book cries out to be read by anyone who values truth and justice for Israel in a difficult and dangerous world.

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