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Netanyahu Condemns Jewish Terror, But Says No Comparison in Scope to Arab Terror – Herb Keinon (J. Post via Daily Alert), & a 2nd article on same topic by Caroline Glick

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Dec. 25, 2015

Netanyahu Condemns Jewish Terror, But Says No Comparison in Scope to Arab Terror – Herb Keinon
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday, referring to a video of Jews at a wedding celebrating with guns and knives, dismissed them as part of an extremist fringe. “That is not the proud religious Zionism that contributes to the state, and whose sons serve in the elite units in the army,” he said. “It is also impossible to compare the scope of that terror with Arab terror. In the last month they [Arabs] carried out hundreds of attacks against us, and we saw just a few Jewish terrorist attacks.”
Nevertheless, he said, Israel will not tolerate any type of terrorism, from any side. “Israel is a land of the rule of law. We will not tolerate a situation where a particular group refuses to accept the laws of the state, and carries out acts of murder.”  (Jerusalem Post)

  • Israel’s Homegrown Enemies – Caroline B. Glick
    Jewish terrorism exists, support for Jewish terrorism exists, and both need to be dealt with. Are Jewish terrorists who seek Israel’s destruction different from Muslim terrorists who seek Israel’s destruction? In two key ways they do differ. First there are the numbers. Whereas there may be a few hundred Israelis who have joined terrorist cells, tens of thousands of Palestinians are members of terrorist groups in Judea and Samaria alone. Gaza is governed by a terrorist group.
    Second, there are their support bases. Jewish terrorists are condemned and rejected by every major and minor political force in Israel. Their support base numbers no more than a few thousand people. In stark contrast, the Palestinian Authority and all private and public Palestinian institutions of note lionize Palestinian terrorists. Jailed terrorists and their families receive generous governmental compensation. The general public views them as national heroes and children are taught from preschool on to follow in their footsteps and kill Jews in order to destroy Israel.
    On Wednesday, as Israel’s entire rabbinical and political leadership stood as one and condemned the wedding guests who glorified Jewish terrorists on a video, Fatah – the terrorist group and political party led by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas – published a Facebook post praising the terrorist murderers who the same day killed two Israelis and critically wounded a third outside Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. (Jerusalem Post)
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