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Needed: “Islamist Apartheid Week” by Uzay Bulut (Gatestone Inst.)

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Mar. 22, 2015

The last thing the Middle East needs is still another genocidal, totalitarian, racist state, run by Islamic extremists such as Hamas.

“The BDS movement is immoral because it violates the core principle if human rights: namely, ‘the worst first.’ Israel is among the freest and most democratic nations in the world. It is certainly the freest and most democratic nation in the Middle East. Its Arab citizens enjoy more rights than Arabs anywhere else in the world. They serve in the Knesset, in the Judiciary, in the Foreign Service, in the academy and in business. They are free to criticize Israel and support its enemies.” — Alan M. Dershowitz, Professor Emeritus, Harvard Law School.

What these dictators and tyrants evidently calculate, is that if Israel can just be made to go away, their own people will no longer be able to compare the restrictions at home to the limitless opportunities they can see so temptingly in the oasis next door.

The UN, which allows voting from countries that do not even allow their own people to vote, has, year after year, been calling for the destruction of — not those tyrannies calling for genocide — but the one country in the region with equal justice under law, which keeps reminding the rest of us of what we cannot get.

What the BBC did not show was the Hamas has enough money to build military training camps for 17,000 women and children in Gaza, as well as to rebuild its “military bases” near its border with Israel. That does not reflect a shortage of funds; that reflects what Hamas chooses to do with them.

Sadly, we do not see thousands of people marching in the streets, organizing protests or seminars in university campuses condemning the Palestinian Authority, the Jordanian government or Lebanon for their abuses of human rights and other unjust acts against Palestinians. But why? Because those abuses were not committed by Jews? How much more racist can one get?

The Jews are Israel’s native indigenous people — biblically, historically and archeologically.

“Christians are indeed the most persecuted religious group in the world today. But reporting it would violate the media’s narrative of Christians as the persecutors and Muslims as victims.” — Raymond Ibrahim, Middle East scholar.

Each month, about 322 Christians are killed for their faith.

No matter what the activists of the BDS and other Jew-hating movements claim, what they do not do is promote either peaceful coexistence or justice.

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