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Muslim Extremists: Cheerleading the Killers by Khadija Khan (Gatestone Inst.)

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Dec. 25, 2016

  • Cheerleading for killers and terror-mongering has become synonymous with the countries where religious extremists enjoy popular and official support.
  • This is exactly what is wrong with the Muslim world, where masses are kept ignorant by these radical mullahs from the real challenges such as poverty, illiteracy and disease.
  • Instead, at the behest of the powerful extremist regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, which throw unlimited money into poor countries to expand their radicalization, extremist religious parties feed the people with the false notion of the supremacy of their creed.
  • Some of the terrorists have entered Europe with the refugees. If this amount is just one percent, that number comes to 10,000 people.
  • However, the wrong political policies of governments in Europe are also to be blamed for the rise of Islamic extremism in the world: they allowed the existence and breeding of such organizations on their soil at the first place.
  • Time has come for those who are still confused about the acts of these terrorists — or those who serve as terrorist apologists to try to cover up their deeds after every incident — to be exposed. A large number of Muslims are already sick and tired of these extremists.
  • We Muslims also need to leave no stone unturned to return the humane gestures that our fellow citizens have shown when we Muslims faced trouble. In the same way they took to the streets for us, it is now our turn to show all our fellow citizens — non-Muslims as well as Muslims — that we also stand by them. Merry Christmas!!!

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