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Michael Gove :Left’s hatred of Israel is racism in disguise Critics of the Jewish state cannot bear the fact that it is a beacon of western values in a sea of tyranny and despotism, by Ruth King (The Times – UK, via Ruthfully Yours)

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Dec. 17, 2016

…”No other democracy is on the receiving end of a campaign calling for its people to be shunned and their labour to be blacklisted. The Boycott, Disinvestment and Sanctions movement is a growing force on our streets and campuses. Its campaigners argue that we should ignore ideas from Jewish thinkers if those thinkers come from Israel and treat Jewish commerce as a criminal enterprise if that business is carried on in Israel.

This is anti-Semitism, impure and simple. It is the latest recrudescence of the age-old demand that the Jew can only live on terms set by others. Once Jews had to live in the ghetto, now they cannot live in their historic home….

Antizionism is not a brave anti-colonial and anti-racist stance, it is simply anti-Semitism minding its manners so it can sit in a seminar room. And as such it deserves to be called out, confronted and opposed.

Because the fate of the Jewish people, and the survival of the Jewish state, are critical tests for all of us. The darkest forces of our time – Islamic State, the Iranian leaders masterminding mass murder in Aleppo – are united by one thing above all: their hatred of the Jewish people and their home.”

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