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Message to Iran? Israeli Air Force planes train extensively

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In the shadow of tensions between Iran and the west, a picture was published of training exercises in recent days, practicing the ability to fly thousands of kilometers, attack, and refuel. Part of the training was carried out on behalf of friendly countries in Europe.

Oct 10, 2013, 08:50PM | Rachel Avraham

The Israeli Air Force in recent days conducted exercises especially to conduct long-range flights, during which the pilot fly’s thousands of kilometers, attacks, and refuels in the air.

Part of the training was carried out on behalf of friendly states in Europe and examined all of the capabilities that will be used if the attack requires a long-distance flight.  Pilot commanders requested to examine the many details included in this type of attack, such as refueling a plane mid-air and inspection of control headquarters.

One of the pilots that participated in the sortie noted that “the challenges of these types of flights have already started to be planned and continue in long-distance flights from home, with unpredictable weather conditions in an unknown area, alongside possible threats along the way.”  Alongside this, Israeli officials clarified that in the wake of the resumption of negotiations between Iran and the western countries, it is very important to have the ability to defend onself and to show that Israel means that “all options, including the military one, are on the table.”

Against the background of the Israeli Air Force exercise, the Israeli Prime Minister continued his media blitz in regards to negotiations between Iran and the world powers.  In a number of interviews that Netanyahu provided to the European media, he came out strongly against the possibility of easing the sanctions against the Islamic Republic and sent an additional warning to the international community.

“If the sanctions will be eased, they will collapse,” he said.  “They will receive all that they want and we as the collective will not receive a thing.”   He said that European leaders need to be decisive, consistent, and not to permit the easing of the sanctions.  “Be stubborn, strong and consistent.   The Iranian regime has big aspirations without limits.”


“The Iranian issue is not only an Israeli problem”

 “Iran seeks to develop a nuclear bomb.  I say this to every one.  This is something that every one knows and understands.   Don’t say that I didn’t warn,” Netanyahu stated in an interview with the German media.

“Behind me, here in the office, there are two pictures.  One of them is of Herzl who warned of the growing anti-semitism in Europe and the other one is of Churchill, who said, “do not let the Nazis arm themselves, do not let the radical regime gain enormous power,” Netanyahu stated in another interview provided.

“This story has a lesson that needs to be learned—do not let the regime which supports and participates in implementing Syrian President Assad’s massacre against hundreds of thousands of people, which is involved in terrorism in five continents, and is against every UN Security Council Resolution calling on them to stop enriching uranium to do as he pleases.  One needs to be strong, decisive, and prevent the enrichment of uranium,” the Prime Minister added.

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