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Marwan Barghouti Is a Convicted Murderer, Nothing More – Jamal Barakat (J. Post)

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Apr.25, 2017

  • Marwan Barghouti Is a Convicted Murderer, Nothing More – Jamal Barakat
    My younger brother, Salim, was a first responder – a dedicated police officer who loved serving his country and fellow citizens, and who in 2002 ran straight into danger when he heard a Palestinian terrorist throwing grenades and shooting up the Seafood Market restaurant in Tel Aviv. With two innocent civilians on the ground dying and over a dozen others wounded, Salim charged the terrorist and shot him before he could kill more innocent people. But as Salim moved in to see if the terrorist was wearing a suicide explosive belt, the wounded terrorist suddenly thrust a knife into my brother, killing him. The man who organized that attack was Marwan Barghouti.
    When I heard that the New York Times gave him a stage from which to launch his mass prison hunger strike, my blood boiled. This is the cold-blooded killer who orchestrated murderous attacks and sent terrorists to hurt innocent people.
    I am a proud member of Israel’s Druse community. Even though we are fully committed to our country, we are not against the Palestinians. I support the two-state solution, but not by Barghouti’s way of killing innocent people. It is Barghouti who put himself where he belongs, behind bars for life. It is an offense to the civilized world to hear that Barghouti is pretending to be a “political prisoner.”  (Jerusalem Post)
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