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Lock Up Your Daughters – The York Regional Police are Here, by Thomas Quiggin (Post Millenial)

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Apr. 19, 2018

The photo below was taken in January of 2018 at the Jaffari Mosque in Vaughan (Toronto).  The Imam in the photo is Moulana Sayyid Muhhamad Rizvi. The assembled folks are members of the York Regional Police Force. Given the history and belief system of the Imam, it seems bizarre that the York Regional Police would allow lend their credibility to this institution.

“The Imam has written a book with the title Marriage and Morals in Islam.  It was published in English while he was in Canada.  In this book, Imam Rizvi puts forth misogynist views on women and girls.  For instance, he believes in “muta” (temporary) marriages. He has stated that if an individual “finds it difficult to control his or her sexual desire, then the only way to fulfill the sexual desire is muta.”  He continues this by saying: “I cannot overemphasize the temporary nature of muta. The message of Islam is quite clear: marry on a permanent basis; if that is not possible, then adopt temporary abstinence; if that is not possible, only then use the muta marriage.”

…In other words, muta marriages for girls is permissible at the age of nine.  Sex with girls is permissible, within a muta marriage context, when the girl is nine lunar years old (9 years x 12 months x 28 days).  This would appear to be sanctioning pedophilia and statutory rape, despite Canadian laws against underage marriages and forcing underage females to have sex.

The practice of muta marriages in widespread in Shia Islam.  Under the ‘new’ interpretation of the Shia mullahs under Ayatollah Khomeini following the 1979 Iranian revolution, the practice of muta re-emerged and gained a considerable following”…

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