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Letter to the editor: Criticism vs. hatred

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Criticism vs. hatred

Nationalpost.com, May 17, 2014

Re: Curious Definition Of Anti-Semitism, letter to the editor, May 16. How can your letter writer claim that Palestine is illegally occupied by Israel, when there is no such country as Palestine? Such a country has never existed. Prior to 1967, the land the letter writer refers to was illegally occupied by Jordan and Egypt. The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 242, which was to become the foundation for future peace negotiations. It called for a negotiated settlement based on “secure and recognized boundaries,” not a return to the 1967 lines.

The latest round of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority were abandoned, because the Palestinians feel they can do better by appealing to the anti-Israel majority at the UN, who will deliver a Palestinian state without the need for making concessions, which are a prerequisite to peace.

Anti-Semitism does exist in the world and has existed in the Arab world long before Israel was born. No one criticizes Israel more than Jews and Israelis. But the criticism of Israel becomes anti-Semitic when Israel is held to a higher standard than other countries facing similar situations. Israel has been at war with the Arab world for over 65 years. It has offered peace to the Palestinians and its offers have been repeatedly rejected, usually with violence. Israel contends it has not violated any Geneva Conventions and has a right to defend itself against Palestinian terrorism.

Harold Pomerantz, Dundas, Ont.

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