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Just the Facts: Gaza Protests, by Candice Malcolm (True North Initiative)

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Just the Facts: Gaza Protests



The Canadian media’s coverage on the “peaceful” protests in the Gaza strip has been incredibly biased and one-sided. It’s disappointing that the Canadian media is reporting “news” based on propaganda provided by Hamas. Canadians deserve to know the truth.

Here are the facts:

  • Hamas organized the protests — and they’re anything BUT peaceful
    • Hamas is a social, political and militant movement founded in 1987 as an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s goal is to destroy Israel, and replace it with an Islamic state for Arab Palestinians.
    • Hamas is the governing party in Gaza, it’s also a terrorist organization that promotes violence to achieve its goal.
    • Hamas Leader Yahya Sinwar encourages Palestinians to storm the border, attack Israelis and “tear out their hearts from their bodies”
    • Hamas is paying Palestinians to participate in the protests, and provides payments to the families of terrorists and those killed by Israel.
  • It is well known that Hamas uses innocent Palestinians, including children, as human shields.
  • The protests are not spontaneous and have been ongoing since March 2018
  • The protests are not peaceful
  • The protesters want to break into Israel to kill Jewish people
    • “We are excited to storm and get inside,” said 23-year-old Mohammed Mansoura. When asked what he would do inside Israel, he said, “Whatever is possible, to kill, throw stones.”
    • The protesters are flying flags with swastikas to intimidate the Jewish people

There is no doubt that the Israeli Defense Force uses disproportionate force in defending its borders from these hostile Hamas attacks. But there is a lot more to the story than is currently being presented in the Canadian media.

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