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JDL Updated Security Alert

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DECEMBER 7, 2015

JDL Updated Security


The purpose of this JDL Updated Security Alert is to update the public with additional information about the security threat from the so-called Syrian Refugees.
poll released in November but ignored by our mainstream media shows that a third of Syrian refugees do not want the Muslim terrorist group ISIS defeated.
This poll reveals that thirteen percent of Syrian refugees have a positive opinion of ISIS. That’s a big, collective thumbs-up to a gang of  Islamic terrorists who burn people alive, enslave women, behead children, and heave gay men to their deaths from rooftops. Another ten percent have a negative opinion to some extent on the terror group, though the poll doesn’t specify in what way. Perhaps that ten percent feels that ISIS isn’t killing enough gay men.
The poll also shows that thirty-one percent of Syrian refugees oppose the campaign to “degrade and ultimately destroy” ISIS.
This is from 2007, but I doubt the numbers have gotten much better since.
74% believed it was very important to provide “financial support for groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah”.
78% supported financial assistance to Hezbollah terrorists.
77% supported financial aid to Hamas and Islamic Jihad.
77% supported financial assistance to “Iraqi fighters”, a group that was then heavily Al Qaeda. This group eventually evolved into ISIS and its various rivals such as Al Nusra.
Less than 10 percent opposed.
There’s a reason that Syria was considered a terror state and a member of the Axis of Evil. There’s a reason why Syria is in the mess that it’s in now. Syrian migrants, no matter how they’re vetted, are highly likely to support terrorism.
It is a complete shame that many Rabbis are supporting the enemies of Israel, http://www.hias.org/1000-rabbis-sign-national-letter-support-welcoming-refugees. These Rabbis follow the religion of Liberalism. The Syrian refugees are divided into many camps. Some studies have stated that up to 31% support ISIS and the others support Iran and its proxies. These Rabbis set a terrible example for the Jewish community. During the Holocaust most Rabbis were silent and after reading this statement I now understand their silence. Again, they follow the religion of Liberalism and call it Torah and it is not Torah. The holiday of Chanukah sends a clear message that a minority of Jews rose up against evil and then the Miracle of the Lights took place. The majority then followed the religion of Liberalism which was called Hellenism.
Do not listen to these Rabbis.
The Jewish Defence League is the only Jewish group in Canada that opposes these so called refugees.
CIJA is also supporting the so called Syrian refugees.  Studies have shown that a high percentage support ISIS and Hamas.http://www.cija.ca/crisis/
 This will lead to an increase in antisemitism in Canada and terrorism. Jewish leaders in Europe have warned of this danger.
Only the JDL tells the truth about the so called Syrian refugees.
The United Jewish Appeal is also supporting the so called Syrian refugees. This will increase antisemitism and terrorism in Canada. http://jewishtoronto.com/news-media/israaid-providing-much-needed-humanitarian-aid-to-syrian-refugees
 Only the JDL tells the truth.

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