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Israel: Suicide Is Painless, It Brings On Many Changes (Strategy Page via Elder of Ziyon)

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Oct. 25, 2015

This latest terror campaign against Israelis is fundamentally a side effect of the struggle between Hamas and Fatah for control over all Palestinians.These two groups keep score by how many Israelis they can kill as does mass media in Moslem nations. While there were fewer than ten terror related deaths a year in Israel in 2012 and 2013 (and only 21 in 2011) the war with Hamas raised this to 41 in 2014 and this made Fatah, which runs the West Bank, look bad in comparison. Thus the importance of the new campaign. The current effort will be a success if it can kill enough Israelis to justify Palestinians continuing to support Fatah rule in the West Bank. This is bad news for the Palestinians because both Hamas and Fatah are corrupt and incompetent administrators who are more concerned with their own power than with the welfare of the Palestinian people.”
“Despite the success of the current Fatah terror campaign the Palestinian leaders acknowledge that most Palestinians want no part of it. Israeli police note this in that it is usually the same people involved in violent demonstrations and that the 30,000 armed Palestinian security personnel in the West Bank have stayed out of the violence. In past terrorism campaigns Palestinian leaders tolerated or encouraged their security personnel to get involved (while in civilian clothes). Not this time. That may change if there is more popular support for the attacks, but so far that is not happening. It is all mainly an effort to supply the media with an excuse to give the Palestinians some positive publicity (as victims of Israeli aggression). While the Palestinian leaders have a hard time controlling their own people they have managed to do better with a lot of foreign media organizations.”
Russia does not want to get dragged into a fight with Israel because of Iranian misbehavior but the Iranians are apparently pressuring the Russians to help “defend” Iranian UAVs operating along the Israeli border. Despite this issue Israel has basically agreed to tolerate Russia (and their Iranian ally) defeating the Syrian rebels and keeping the Assads in power. Israel never liked the Assads but they were able to work with them. At the moment ISIL appears to be the likely winner of a civil war if there is no outside interference. Everyone agrees ISIL control of Syria is the worst outcome and behaves accordingly.” (h/t MtTB)

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